How To Stake & Farm The LITTLE Token

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3 min readFeb 28, 2021

How to FARM/STAKE the LITTLE token

A short time after our launch to Uniswap, our team is excited to be announcing the start of farming and staking for the LITTLE token. Users can now deposit tokens to earn a base rate of 20% APY in the LITTLE token for farming, or 40% APY in the LITTLE token for staking, which does require a default lock up period of 30 days.

To farm or stake LITTLE, you will be required to have a wallet holding at least 300 LITTLE tokens.

Once navigating to your staking and farming dashboard provided on our web application, earning yield on your LITTLE token will be as easy as connecting your wallet, selecting which asset you which to deposit, and confirming the transaction in your wallet!

The supported assets available for farming the LITTLE LINK token are as follows:

  • LINK

We chose to support these assets for farming in order to attract users who we feel will contribute to the DAO the most. All of the tokens listed above are important tokens requiring vital value provided by the token holders, similar to our governance model.

So, how do I begin?

Step 1. Visit our staking and farming dashboard

Step 2. Connect your wallet by clicking the button at the top right of our application


Step 3. Select the desired asset you wish to deposit for farming, or just choose LITTLE for staking

Step 4. Approve the amount of tokens you wish to deposit


Step 6. Input the amount you wish to deposit and click “Start”, or “Add More” for adding funds to an existing farm

Step 7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet when prompted

Step 8. Enjoy rewards!

The supported assets for farming will be subject to change based on proposals and feedback from the community. Rewards are updated block by block and can be claimed immediately!

In the near future we will be releasing our liquidity program, incentivizing users to provide liquidity on Uniswap with a more attractive yield for our tokens liquidity provider pair than others. Once the Ser-Geyser is live, this will also allow you to stake your LP and earn compounding interest on your LITTLE LINK or SLINK tokens!

Announcements regarding official launch coming soon of our synthetic rebasing token and on-chain liquidity smart faucet are coming soon, stay tuned in our social channels!







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