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Little Link
4 min readFeb 27, 2021


Introducing LITTLE LINK

Hello everyone, welcome to LITTLE LINK! We are a group of individuals wishing to promote the presence of Chainlink in DeFi. The LITTLE LINK ecosystem, backed by the LITTLE LINK token, offers unique and optimized yield strategies and products with the Chainlink token being an important incentive for users to use our products/services.

The LITTLE LINK token will launch with a 90% ownership by the LITTLE LINK builder community and the DAO. These individuals will then receive tokens based on using our products and other retroactive actions they’ve taken that have helped to accelerate LINK in DeFi.

There was no pre sale, funding round, or distribution of the LITTLE LINK token before listing to Uniswap. A small portion of the LITTLE LINK token has been allocated for liquidity on Uniswap, with the remaining tokens ready to be farmed through our staking/farming dashboard on our website.

The LITTLE LINK DAO and its token launched fairly, attempting to attract users already familiar with governance protocols like so. This means that:

  • No pre sales were collected
  • Majority of tokens added to liquidity on Uniswap
  • Fairly distributed to those who provide value

To earn the LITTLE LINK token outside of initial liquidity provided to Uniswap, users will have to deposit LINK into our vault, and earn a portion of the newly minted tokens allocated to it. These are fundamentally similar to YFI’s yield earning strategies, but optimized for Chainlink!

Farmers in these vaults will earn a standard yield from its automated strategies on top of the LITTLE LINK governance token as they’ve proven to see value in the product. We want them to own the direction of it moving forward. There won’t be arbitrary farming distributions for the sake of merely drawing in liquidity.

Governance is an important aspect of the ecosystem, and we need users who really participate in different DeFi protocols using our products. This is why we have decided to allocate a small portion of the LITTLE LINK token total supply to an airdrop for holders of the BADGER token.

The token was launched fairly to Uniswap with equal distribution measures and anti bot mechanisms.

More info on the LITTLE LINK token economics and distribution can be found below:

At its core, LITTLE LINK will exist for the sole purpose of excelling the adoption of the LINK token. This is attributed to LITTLE LINK thanks to several products attractive to both LINK holders and yield farmers alike.

CHAINLINK VAULTS — Choose from the different assets to deposit and immediately begin earning LINK using our optimized CHAINLINK strategies.

Our protocol automatically moves your funds to the highest yield strategies across a wide range of vetted and secure DeFi protocols to earn Chainlink.

Users with funds in the vaults will receive a continuous drip of Chainlink tokens to their wallet in an amount proportional to holdings in the pool. Rewards are auto compounding, meaning individuals will not have to take any further action when earning yield on their assets to compound gains.

The smart contracts have undergone audit and no critical issues were found. The LITTLE LINK smart contracts and vaults are a fork of the BADGER DAO protocol, which we branched off with and made adjustments to focus primarily on the LINK token.

LITTLESWAP — A Uniswap-Esque DEX with tokenized LINK and LITTLE LINK pairs as the base tokens for liquidity

LITTLE LINK governs the decentralized exchange which can be used for swapping tokens on the Ethereum network, and LITTLE LINK token holders are entitled to fees collected by the exchange.

Liquidity mining incentives, farms, and more regarding this will be announced soon!

SOFT LINK (SLINK) — A synthetic rebase token and elastic supply currency softly pegged to the price of one Chainlink token

Soft link (SLINK) acts as an elastic supply commodity base money built with unique mechanisms to keep the price of the token softly pegged to the price of Chainlink.

This is achieved through a daily operation known as a rebase, automatically changing the supply and overwriting wallet balances equally with a value derived from the formula below:

LITTLE LINK utilizes Chainlink oracles to relay decentralized price feeds to our smart contracts.

These fundamentals make Soft Link (SLINK) a non-dilutive, fairly distributed, and decentralized adaptive base money for the Chainlink token.

LUSD — LITTLE LINK governed synthetic stablecoin to borrow assets against staked cash and vault pool positions.

LITTLE LINK will increase protocol fees generated and distributed to users, allowing more opportunities and use cases for the LEO token as well.

In the future, this synthetic currency can be voted on to be used for collateral on various decentralized finance protocols

SER-GEYSER — A smart faucet incentivizing on-chain liquidity and rewarding holders of the LEO + LITTLE LINK tokens

Deposit LITTLE LINK/SLINK liquidity to Uniswap, then deposit to the Ser-Geyser and immediately begin receiving rewards in SOFT LINK!

NOTE: SOFT LINK in the Ser-Geyser will also be subject to rebases!

The Ser-Geyser rewards users who provide value to the LITTLE LINK protocol, with a multiplier increasing rewards the longer you stake.

These are just some of the many products to be offered and governed solely by the LITTLE LINK.

We are an organization for LINK holders and yield farmers alike. More announcements + further developments on our protocol to be announced soon!

PSA: Farming begins in about 36 hours, stay tuned!



Little Link

A DAO rewarding those who contribute to the success of the token and Chainlink in DeFi.