The Ser-Geyser: A Lucrative Liquidity Rewards Program

Little Link
3 min readFeb 28, 2021

The Ser-Geyser is a smart faucet built by Little Link that allows users to continuously obtain rewards in return for providing liquidity. The more coins you stake, and for longer, the higher the multiplier will be when withdrawn.


Essentially, the Little Link geyser consists of an ecosystem fund controlled by smart contracts, from which the funds are continuously distributed to liquidity providers. The Ser-Geyser has two pools with the SLINK synthetic rebasing token and the staked UNI-V2 tokens (locked and unlocked).

Over time, tokens in the SLINK pool from the Ser-Geyser are unlocked, and paid out to liquidity providers in an amount proportional to their share of the pool.

There is no minimum lock-up period or staking/unstaking fee when utilizing the Ser-Geyser outside of gas fees. You can deposit funds or withdraw at any time.


In order to stake your tokens in the geyser, you must:

  • Deposit LITTLE LINK and SLINK liquidity into Uniswap V2
  • Receive UNI-V2 liquidity provider tokens
  • Stake the UNI-V2 LP tokens by visiting the Ser-Geyser, and selecting “deposit” after inputting the desired amount

The Basics

A dashboard is provided on the Ser-Geyser platform, offering a variety of statistics on the current state of the faucet.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield)- This percentage represents the total interest users are projected to receive in one year. However, this figure is based on SLINK, not USD.

*This calculation also does not account for compounding earnings*

Reward Multiplier- The number here represents your reward multiplier, which increases the longer your coins are staked.

Accrued Rewards- This figure represents the total rewards YOU have received from your time using the Ser-Geyser.

Total Rewards- This is the total number of SLINK rewards that will be paid out in the current market conditions.

*if the supply increases x2 because of rebases, this number would be 25,000 SLINK*

Total Deposits- Total deposits represent the dollar value of all the uniswap liquidity that is locked in the geyser at the moment in time.

Locked Rewards- This section shows the amount of SLINK still in the locked pool awaiting to be claimed by liquidity providers. These tokens will gradually be moved from the locked pool to the unlocked pool in the Ser-Geyser.

Unlocked Rewards- As mentioned previously, these are the tokens that have been unlocked and are ready to be claimed.


The Ser-Geyser was developed with the importance of liquidity and distribution in mind. The monetary protocol creates a fair distribution method that is non-dilutive and fair, all the while rewarding the early adopters of the project.

Put simply, the Ser-Geyser provides a proper distribution method of tokens inside the ecosystem fund, to those who contribute liquidity to the project in the beginning.


Soft Link token’s are distributed continuously in accordance with your ownership of the Ser-Geyser pool. These rewards are subject to a multiplier increasing with the amount of time the tokens are staked. After 60 days of deposit, you will have received a x3 multiplier for the accrued rewards when withdrawn.


Are tokens in the geyser subject to rebase?

Yes, tokens in the ser-geyser are subject to rebase just like the coins outside of it are.

Who controls the funds?

Uniswap contracts hold the liquidity provider tokens. The smart contracts in the Ser-Geyser hold the staked coins, as well as SLINK for distribution.

Is this audited?

Yes, the geyser contract from Ampleforth (which was used for implementation in the Ser-Geyser), has been audited by certik and is licensed under GNU GPL V3.



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