Token Economics of LITTLE

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2 min readFeb 28, 2021


Tokenomics of LITTLE

LITTLE is the governance token for the LITTLE LINK ecosystem. It acts voting power in the LITTLE LINK DAO, and holders of the LITTLE token can vote to make various changes and are in direct control of the future of the protocol.

The token economics of LITTLE are as follows:

Max Supply: 100,000 (Non Mintable)

Uniswap Liquidity: 80,000 LITTLE + 18 ETH


Liquidity Incentive Program: 10,000 LITTLE

The liquidity incentive program will be live 24 hours after launch, where liquidity providers can then stake their UNI LP tokens to receive a continuous drip of LITTLE tokens.

Essentially, the LITTLE LINK geyser consists of an ecosystem fund controlled by smart contracts, from which the funds are continuously distributed to liquidity providers. The Ser-Geyser has two pools with the SLINK synthetic rebase token created by LITTLE LINK and the staked UNI-V2 tokens (locked and unlocked).

Over time, tokens in the LITTLE LINK pool from the Ser-Geyser are unlocked, and paid out to liquidity providers in an amount proportional to their share of the pool.

There is no minimum lock-up period or staking/unstaking fee when utilizing the geyser outside of gas fees. You can deposit funds or withdraw at any time.

Learn more about this here.

LITTLE is a fair launch token. All liquidity has been seeded by the team, and no funds have been raised by outside sources. We believe this is the best approach for the token, as its allows voting power to be distributed across a variety of wallets, and not concentrated in the hands of a few whales or bots upon genesis of the token.



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